Carolyn Langill - Golden Smartie July 2016

Carolyn Langill

Congratulations to our remarkable Carolyn Langill for snapping up the Golden Smartie Award this month.

Less than a year ago, a courageous Carolyn touched down in London from Alberta Canada, to enhance her teaching experience in the UK. After securing a Year 3 teaching role at Ryefield Primary School in Uxbridge, Headteacher Colin Tucker stepped forward to nominate Carolyn for the Golden Smartie Award. This goes to say Carolyn has won the top spot, which is pretty impressive having been in the UK for only eight months.

“Since joining us before Christmas, Carolyn has demonstrated herself to be a highly effective practitioner.  She is a dedicated teacher who is fully invested and engaged with the ethos and aims of the school.  Her classroom practice ensures that her pupils are engaged and exhibit excellent learning behaviours. Furthermore her books are thoroughly marked and offer insightful comments; she develops meaningful conversations with pupils about their learning.”

The announcement came as a complete surprise to Carolyn when Smart consultants Skye Logan and Bianca Venmans showed up at her school to present her award, in the middle of the school assembly!

Cheers to Carolyn!  For she’s a jolly good fellow…and so say all of us.

The Golden Smartie award recognises outstanding teachers and support staff for their dedication, professionalism and work on behalf of Smart Teachers. We recognise our outstanding ‘Smarties’ based on contributions to their school, excellence in the classroom, leadership abilities, community involvement and a variety of other criteria. The winning candidate will receive a certificate of recognition and a cash prize from Smart Teachers.

If you would like to nominate one of our outstanding teachers or TAs, please tell us why you think they deserve the Golden Smartie title.