Karmela Ticsay - Golden Smartie November 2015

Karmela Ticsay

A big congratulations to Karmela Ticsay for successfully attaining the Golden Smartie Award!

This term, we had the pleasurable task of presenting our ‘Golden Smartie Award’ to one of our finest, friendliest teachers, Karmela Ticsay.

Ben Frost, a consultant here at Smart nominated Karmela in a heartbeat. Feeling proud to be her consultant, Ben say: 

“Karmela is the model supply teacher. She is flexible, always punctual, does a fantastic job in class and I know how much she cares for her children.”

Always wearing a beautiful smile, Karmela has proven to be a model teacher in the classroom and has impressed everyone around her. We continuously receive great feedback from her schools, making Karmela one of our most memorable teachers.

We surprised Karmela at school with a real gold certificate (lie!) and £50 cash to treat her for her hard work (truth). We were lucky enough to see Karmela’s smile once again and thanked her for her exceptional work this year.

The Golden Smartie award recognises outstanding teachers and support staff for their dedication, professionalism and work on behalf of Smart Teachers. We recognise our outstanding ‘Smarties’ based on contributions to their school, excellence in the classroom, leadership abilities, community involvement and a variety of other criteria. The winning candidate will receive a certificate of recognition and a cash prize from Smart Teachers.

If you would like to nominate one of our outstanding teachers or TAs, please tell us why you think they deserve the Golden Smartie title.