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Show me the Money! Pay in Australia and New Zealand Vs United Kingdom

Lisa Aston

As part of the team helping teachers make the move from Australia and New Zealand to the UK, one of the questions that we are often asked is, "What is the pay like?" In short, for teachers coming from New Zealand, there is no doubt that moving and teaching in the UK will see you getting paid more! Aussies on the other hand, may find a difference in the pay rate that they weren't necessarily prepared for. When you factor in the unforgettable experiences that living in the pocket of Europe has to offer, including travel, making new friends and expanding your teaching repertoire; getting paid less may not be as bad as you originally think. Here is a short summary of pay differences across New Zealand, some of the states and territories in Australia, and the United Kingdom.

Teacher Wages in Australia

The amount that you are paid as a teacher will vary depending on the jurisdiction and amount of experience you have. In New South Wales, first-year teachers can find themselves earning anything from $65,608 to $69,000 AUD per year. As you progress through your career, your salary will rise 2.5% annually for the next three years. In Queensland, your starting salary in a state school will be approximately $70,081 AUD per year. If you choose to teach remotely or in rural areas, you may find that you also acquire additional financial benefits. Graduate teachers in Victoria can expect a first-year salary of approximately $66,369 AUD per year, with an increase every 12 months.

Teacher Wages in New Zealand

In New Zealand, a graduate teacher can expect to earn approximately $45,000 NZD per year. After around seven years’ service, this can progress to around $71,000 NZD. If you take on additional management responsibilities, you may be eligible for more.

These figures are only examples as relevant at the time of publication and may differ depending on experience and area however, they are a good indicator for us to compare the earning potential from down under to the UK.

Teacher Wages in the United Kingdom

If you love the hustle and bustle of inner London, you’ll be looking at a higher rate of approximately £30,480 to £49,571 (approximately $60,000 to $97,500 AUD) per year. This is due to the higher cost of living in the city centre. However, if you would be looking at outer London (the boroughs around inner London) the expected rate of pay is around £28,355 to £44,541 (approximately $55,800 to $87,600 AUD) per year, again due to living expenses. The last area of London that you could look at is the fringes of London. The approximate salary for this area is £25,543 to £41,635 (approximately $50,270 to $81,900 AUD) per year. For the rest of England and Wales, you can expect around £24,373 to £40,490 (approximately $47,900 to $79,600 AUD) per year which aligns with the lower cost of living in these areas.

No matter what location you're in and what salary you secure, you'll need to consider these outgoings and how much you want to budget for each: rent, groceries, transport (public or your own car), and household bills like council tax, gas and electricity, water, internet.

In summary, yes, the rate of pay is going to differ whether you are coming from Australia or from New Zealand but that is to be expected when you move to the other side of the world! And when you weigh the benefits of work experience, travel opportunities and new friendships, you'll realise that teaching in the UK is an opportunity you can’t pass by!

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