Frequency of work

You will find that there is a high frequency of work in Brent. Smart Teachers supply to the majority of primary and secondary schools in the borough.

Cost of accommodation

Very cheap rental accommodation compared with the rest of London.

Transport links

Very good rail links. The borough has four underground lines; National Rail (out of Marylebone to Wembley Stadium), London overground, Bakerloo, Jubilee, Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines. There are also good links to most of the borough from the Northern and Central line via bus.

Vibe, type of people that live there

North of the borough is very suburban, quiet, leafy green, with mainly families living there. In the south of the borough expect a real mix; the upmarket area of Queens Park has celebrities, multimillion pound properties and boutique cafes, along with large council estates in Harlesden and Stonebridge.


Almost half of Brent residents hail from outside of the UK, so many temples of worship, exotic restaurants, and shops dot the busy streets. Queens Park has the biggest selection of bars and restaurants in Brent. Most are upmarket but affordable, lots of cafes, bakeries and gastro pubs. Wembley Market features a good selection of clothes, jewellery, food and bric-a-brac.

Why choose Brent?

Brent is the type of mixed borough that has everything. There are some fantastically friendly schools, lots of supply work to choose from, cheap accommodation, great places to eat and drink, and fantastic transport links. Brent is home to the famous Wembley Stadium, which is the second largest Stadium in Europe and is England’s National football stadium.


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