Cost of accommodation

If you are thinking if residing in Camden Town, expect to find old and respectable terraced housing as well as newer council estates. The east side of the borough of Camden is generally cheaper than the west.

Transport links

You’ll struggle to find an area in London with better transport links than Camden Town. Not only is it served by two branches of the Northern Line at Camden Town station, the Overground at Camden Road and plenty of buses, it’s a mere 20 minute walk to Kings Cross St Pancras. From here, you can get all over Britain, and even to France and Belgium!

Vibe, type of people that live there

Camden London, located between the bustle of Central London and the leafy calm of North West London, has always existed as an interesting hybrid area. As well as having one of the best markets in London – which we’ll get to in a second…it’s one of London’s best places to live! While it boasts a rich literary history (Charles Dickens lived here, as did his ‘A Christmas Carol’ character Bob Cratchit) and plenty of affluent professionals, it’s also home to punks, protesters, art students, and all sorts of alternative types. Camden London is such an interesting place – it’s impossible to pigeonhole, and is well-known for the loud and proud gay scene as it is for celebrity residents.


The sky is the limit in Camden Town when it comes to entertainment, arts and culture. Overflowing with vibrant music venues, quirky bars and eateries, there is always something to love in Camden. You’ll enjoy a feast of every type of food imaginable in Camden Town.

Why choose Camden?

As a whole, Camden is an interesting, leafy borough, rich in literary history. It has a colourful reputation and is a great place to hang out, and even better, to live in. Set up home here for endless culture, a revolutionary music-scene and to be in the heart of the hustle and bustle.


Living in Camden means I can easily walk to Regents Park (10 mins), Primrose Hill (20 mins), and Hampstead Heath (30 mins – where they have swimming ponds open in the summer!). It also means I rarely have to leave my little town as everything I need is right on my doorstep – food, nightlife, parks, shops and even a zoo!

Jessie Banks
UK Consultant


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