Frequency of work

There is a high volume of work in east London and Hackney can be a preferable base to settle in.

Cost of accommodation

Reasonable prices in various areas. Some more expensive in the more ‘trendy’ areas but relatively affordable for most.

Transport links

The rail links are enviable in Hackney. You can access the Central line, Northern line and Metropolitan line, taking you pretty much anywhere you like! There are also good rail links from Liverpool Street and Stratford. You will also benefit from the new overground which links east and south London.

Vibe, type of people that live there

Very up and coming area. Hackney is a ‘young borough’ with one of the lowest proportions of older people in London. Home to people from many different backgrounds. The fashion and music scene is urban and unique in Hackney.


It begins with the Shoreditch area, a hip home to cool bars and restaurants. Street markets flourish in Hackney and offer some of the best deals in the city on a flood of goods. For remarkable architecture and quiet coffee shops that remain on the fringes, Hackney is the borough to beat.

Why choose Hackney?

Lots of work in east London that is very accessible from most areas. Definitely an up and coming area that used to have a bad name but it is really credible. One of the most eclectic boroughs in London, Hackney has a diverse and vibrant ethnic community that many people fall in love with.


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