A Canadian in London

A Canadian in London (the other London…)

Laura Clementson

When asked to share how my experience of moving to London was a great decision, I jumped at the chance. It’s a pleasure explaining to fellow Canadians why I think moving abroad is one of the best things you can do for yourself, both professionally and personally.

Being in London for a year now, I have endured the many trials and tribulations of moving abroad on my own. Naturally there have been setbacks, and not everything has gone to plan, but there is something so gratifying about moving to a foreign land and starting from scratch. While getting over the humps, you learn not to sweat the small stuff.

Moving to another country is exciting. Although the unknown can be scary, you have to think of it as a positive. The possibilities of not knowing the friends you’ll make, the people you’ll meet, or the places you’ll go are endless. You could do all of that back in Canada, but realistically you’re much less likely to given you’re settled and already have a core group of friends.

Standing in front of London’s iconic landmarks, I was reminded of just how unique and beautiful London is. It truly is a remarkable city because as I mention in the video, every borough has something different to offer for everyone.

It’s true, London is an expensive city to live in so it’s important to make a budget and see which area offers the most bang for your buck. Make sure to incorporate socializing and travel into your budget. The European weekend getaways are worth your closet looking a little less full.

Whether you’re exploring London or any other city, sometimes it’s nice to have travel buddies.

Although I’ve always considered myself to be an outgoing person, I truly have broken down certain barriers and have pushed myself past pre-existing comfort zones. When you arrive to another country with only a handful of contacts, you push yourself to meet people.

Admittedly I had just met the people I’m sitting next to while in the pub and asked them to be in my video – they were visiting from South Africa. If anything, it proves the point that you’ll meet people from around the globe and just never know who you could be sharing pints with.

If I can offer any sage words of advice, it would be to take the chance. If moving abroad has been on your mind, chances are that it will always be and as the cliche goes, it’s better to have the ‘oh wells,’ than the ‘what ifs.’