Laboratory Technicians

Laboratory Technicians – we can’t live without them!

Across the country, Laboratory Technicians are working hard in Australian schools to support Science Teachers with important lesson preparation. This involves organising materials, mixing chemicals, calibrating and maintaining test equipment plus much more.

Uma is a proud Laboratory Technician who has worked in Sydney at a Catholic school for the last 7 years. She is passionate about supporting both teachers and students in the safe use of chemicals and is an expert in working with hazardous materials.

We have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know Uma at the recent Conasta conference held in Sydney where she was the lucky raffle winner of our hamper. We feel this gift is certainly well deserved as working as a lab tech is hard work!

Uma supports 5-6 teachers across her school, plus additional casual teacher that come in from time to time. Casual and newly qualified teachers often need more support, particularly if they are not well versed in chemistry and the appropriate safety processes for handling particular chemicals. Lucky Uma is always on hand in a science class to ensure no explosions or accidents get in the way of a good lesson.

Since migrating to Australia from India in 2003, Uma has felt incredibly lucky and happy to be living in a peaceful and calm suburb in Sydney. She loves the facilities, the people, the geography of the city and the weather.

Uma’s main ambition is to get back into the classroom working as a Teacher, which is the job she used to have before she left India. Her NESA accreditation has just come through and her ambition is fierce! Her grandparents, parents and in-laws were all teachers and now her nephew is studying teaching too. Uma wants to go back to her family tradition of working as a teacher as soon as possible, and we have our fingers crossed that her dreams will come true soon!

Teachers are celebrated for the work they do with students but in comparison there is little acknowledgement for other support staff that provide assistance in the classroom. Meeting Uma has given us a great opportunity to acknowledge and thank her for her hard work, as well as the work of other Laboratory Technicians.

If you are looking for work as a Laboratory Technician visit our Australian jobs page to see what’s available in your area.