Teaching in Canberra

Teaching in Canberra

After living and working in Melbourne for several years, Bernard felt that the city-life was starting to grind him down. So, in 2018 he followed the tree-change road less travelled and made the move to what is affectionately known as the '20-minute city’.

Bernard’s story:

Teaching in Canberra is fantastic. The city has been coined the ’20-minute city’ with a network of toll-free roads, cycle paths and an efficient public transport system allowing an easy commute for all residents. It takes me exactly 12 minutes to and from work, regardless of the time I leave. Without fail. Not having a commute as part of your day frees up plenty of time and energy to keep up other interests.

Canberra doesn't have standardised exams for year 11 and 12's. This means as a teacher of those years you have much more freedom in delivering a course. In Victoria, my students all just wanted to be prepared for the final exam. In Canberra, I have much more of a chance to get them thinking beyond a single exam. I feel like this contributes to me being a better teacher, the students getting more out of my classes and me being a happier individual.

Living here I feel like I have a lot more space. The city is small enough to be peaceful, but big enough to have a diverse range of things to do. While you need to be prepared for the cold, Canberra combines the advantages of city and country living.

Did you know?

  • Canberra is growing as a city, with many people relocating there due to the rising costs of living in Sydney and Melbourne
  • There is a great focus on work-life balance across the city and for nature lovers, the ACT contains several magnificent national parks
  • Australia’s capital is home to our government as well as many cultural and historical icons – while also boasting the lowest crime rates in the country

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