Australian Leadership Recruitment and Consulting Services

Smart Leaders, powered by TES Global and Smart Teachers Australia, is an executive leadership consulting and recruitment company. Designed by and for Australian Schools and thanks to our 11-year alliance with school authorities and principals, we offer a number of consulting and recruitment services that integrate the school leadership, marketing and executive recruitment expertise we are proud to share.

7 Step Executive Recruitment Services

Smart Leaders’ executive recruitment service can be customised to fit the needs of CEO, Principal, Deputy Principal, Director of Boarding, Business Manager and other senior leadership roles, across all school budgets. Our experienced team delivers a collaborative, intelligent and highly accountable 7 Step executive recruitment service steeped in customer service, strategic direction, education substance and bespoke understanding.

With a network of Independent, Catholic and Christian school leaders, our shoulder-tapping promotions work alongside strategic advertising to attract a wider leadership audience. Our vetting activities and selection frameworks include critical thinking and personality testing all scaled to the scope of Independent school leadership.


Recruitment Preparation Workshops

Recognising the importance of a proactive approach, our team of experienced Independent school principals, executive recruiters and global marketers work with your school to build a robust recruitment platform ahead of a vacancy.

We fully customise vetting policies, position descriptions, person specification, advertisements and selection criteria to your school needs statement.

We create bespoke reference templates, interview questions and application forms all of which meet Independent school performance criteria and the latest in child protection and reportable conduct compliance. These services can be used exclusively for one position or all positions in your school.

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Leadership Candidate Services

For aspiring or experienced school leaders, Smart offers a wide range of free services to help build a marketable executive profile, create a CV that stands out from the crowd, and make connections with the schools and vacancies that best match your interests, skills, and values. Spend time with our executive consultants to create a leadership profile and determine gaps in skill and experience. Where any gaps in skills are highlighted we can link you with an experienced mentor or an appropriate professional development course.

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7 Step Executive Recruitment Service

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1. Preparation

This service dimension, if selected by a school or school board, is all about putting together a thoughtful and detailed recruitment plan. Rushing into advertising has been known to hinder rather than help. Our service will help set timelines, create an appropriate selection panel, set realistic expectations and pinpoint the required range of expertise internally and externally.

The knowledge, educational leadership experience and network of our Smart Advisors will work collaboratively with you to set the stage for an effective recruitment campaign.

2. Definition

The definition service involves identifying the process of clarifying the needs of the school, the jobs to be done and the resources needed to do it. Getting the definition right will provide the foundation for a successful appointment.

Smart Leaders will assist you in developing advertisements, candidate information packs, criteria for shortlisting, choice of selection techniques and questioning and the process involved in making your final decision. Using your school’s vision and requirements we can assist in creating job descriptions and person specifications that will translate into benchmarking criteria used during the Selection and Appointment stages

3. Attraction

The attraction stage is all about using contemporary sourcing mechanisms as chosen in the definition stage to attract candidates. This includes reactive advertising options be it in the press or online.

In addition, Smart Leaders will make use of our 10 year Australian educational recruitment network to provide a proactive headhunting service that runs concurrently with reactive advertising. This strategic approach will assist you in avoiding the expense and reputational damage brought on by re-advertising.

4. Selection

The selection stage is concerned with the shortlisting of candidates for interview, the interview itself and any additional selection activities used to inform a decision.

We have a range of activities to choose from such as psychometric or Emotional Intelligence appraising, problem solving exercises, inbox activities and interview techniques all tailored to the benchmarking data created in the definition stage.

5. Appointment

The appointment stage is concerned with the interviewing and selection process. Smart Leaders will assist you to ensure decision making is accountable to criteria and benchmarking data to maximise the appointment and ensure fairness and compliance through the process.

Our support will assist all parties in transitioning from the offer to the acceptance stages, bringing maximum benefit to the appointment and reputation of your school.

6. Induction

Successful recruitment processes don’t end with the appointment decision. Schools or colleges have a responsibility for the induction of the new leader and this begins as soon as the appointment has been agreed. Smart Leaders will assist you in:

– Helping the new leader get up to speed as quickly as possible
– Using data generated by the interview process
– Implementing performance management
– Organising professional development
– Planning for the period between offer and commencement for the mutual benefit of school, new leader, and predecessor.

7. Evaluation

The evaluation process is an often overlooked dimension of recruitment which can bring benefit to appointment of your new leader as well as future leadership recruitment.

Smart Leaders will assist you in conducting extensive evaluations across a number of areas and create a summary report for future guidance.

Smart Leaders is proud to be a 2017 Alliance Partner with Independent Schools Queensland
Smart Leaders is proud to be the 2017 sponsor of the Australian Independent Schools Governance Symposium

Our People

Executive Consultants

Tyson Wood
National Manager

With 14 years in recruitment consulting and leadership, Tyson is one of the founding members of Smart Education Australia. A qualified and experienced teacher and business leader, Tyson has overseen Australian school recruitment, building our Queensland business from start-up to a service used by the majority of Independent schools in Queensland. Tyson assisted in establishing Smart’s New South Wales and Victorian offices and provides strategic leadership and vision, assisting in the innovation and development of Smart Teachers Australia’s brand, operations and people.

Tyson was the driving force behind the design and introduction of Smart’s Expert Teacher Appraisal Framework (ETAF) in 2009. To this day he oversees the development of ETAF and its role in the screening, evaluation and reporting of teachers and middle leaders.  In 2015, his work with AIS helped shape Smart’s current Recruitment Policy as well as Child Protection and Reportable Conduct screening capacity. To this day, Tyson provides recruitment and selection consulting and professional development services to schools and Smart as a whole.

In 2016 Tyson was selected by Independent School’s Queensland to design and deliver their Recruiting and Selection Workshop.  He is a regular contributor to Educator Magazine. Since 2014, Tyson has worked with Independent Associations, Authorities and Principals across Australia in the creation and delivery of Smart Leaders’ executive recruitment and candidate engagement services. Tyson is currently the National Manager of Smart Leaders, leading executive consultants and working closely with our Smart Advisors to equip Independent schools with the knowledge, expertise and intelligent networking capability needed to source, select, appoint and support high-quality leaders.

Sasha Martin-Hubbard
Executive Consultant

Sasha brings a wealth of school leadership and recruitment expertise to Smart Leaders. She joined Smart having worked with our parent company TES Global as a Regional Director. In this capacity Sasha worked closely with boards, principals and authorities using the plenitude of resources from TES to assist in the recruitment of talented educators and leaders.

Prior to this, Sasha was a Deputy Head who developed new curriculum and led the improvement of teaching, learning and curriculum across the secondary school.  In addition, she specialised in regional and national STEM initiatives, presenting to a wide audience of school authorities at events organised by the Skills Funding Agency, The Institute for Learning and The Association of Colleges.

Sasha is a recognised STEMnet Ambassador in the UK and will be speaking at the 2017 FlipCon Conference in Australia.  In her executive recruitment role at Smart Leaders, Sasha blends her school leadership experience, national and international education networking capacity and school consulting skills to benefit schools and leadership candidates. Sasha’s responsibilities cover Victoria, South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australian recruitment.

Smart Advisors

Smart Education Australia’s success has long rested in our close relationship with Independent school principals and authority leaders. In 2015, we began creating a team of Smart Advisors that assist in the development and delivery of executive recruitment and mentoring services.  Our Smart Advisor teams are sector specific and nationally based (e.g. Anglican Schools).

Collectively, our Smart Advisors provide executive leadership experience across all Independent, Catholic and Christian schools. Highly collaborative, their project management, mentoring and knowledge sharing capability connects well with a wide range of school audiences and caters to the diversity of the non-government sector.

Are you an experienced principal or deputy with a desire to working in a project management capacity, leading the recruitment and mentoring of other school leaders?  If so, please email for further information.