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How CPD can boost your career

Taking part in continuing professional development (CPD) is a great way to give your career a boost. Here’s how…

Gives you the edge

Having recent and regular CPD training certificates on your CV will make you look more desirable to schools when you are going for a new role whether it’s on supply or a permanent job. It will help give you the edge over other candidates and show you are conscientious, enthusiastic and committed to your career in education.

Keeps your knowledge current

Time can move very quickly when you are in the thick of it in the classroom and you might not always be aware of the latest information and updates in the sector. CPD is a chance for you to get up-to-date and understand the impact of the changes on the wider sector and within your role. That way you are ready to apply any benefits when the time comes.

Develops your skills and interests

CPD is an opportunity to train and learn in an area that you have a real passion for - whether it’s to support those with a learning disability, to focus on a subject specific area, or to gain leadership and management skills. Expanding your experience and knowledge in this way is great to keep your love for the profession alive and to develop a pathway for your career. Even if you didn’t want a career in management, CPD gives you a varied skill-set to face new challenges with, especially helpful when working on supply.

Gives you a fresh perspective

When you might be feeling tired and stressed, time away from the classroom can help alleviate those feelings and give you a fresh perspective on some of the challenges you are dealing with. CPD can provide inspiration for new ways to engage or adapt your teaching skills. It can also provide a renewed approach to the basic techniques, that you can directly apply in the classroom, giving you more confidence in your abilities.

Our training and events

Here at Smart Teachers, we offer CPD training courses and social events – all free to attend if you’re registered with us. Search and book your place today to get to where you want to be in your education career.

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