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How to look after yourself during the holidays
Take a well-earned break this summer

The holidays are the perfect time for those who work in education to stop and have a well-earned break.  

The school term is jam packed full of learning and teaching, which can be fun, yet challenging and stressful at the same time. We wanted to shine a light on some things you could try this summer to bring your stress-levels down to fully relax and recuperate, ready for the next academic year. 

Do something for you

You deserve some me-time and even a small amount can make the world of difference to your stress levels. So, try and set aside some time to do what you enjoy doing - it could be reading a chapter of your favourite book, baking a cake or listening to music. 

Be present 

A very useful mindfulness technique is to focus on being present or ‘in the moment’. You can do this standing in a shop queue, on a walk or even in the shower. Experts in mindfulness at say that “being present can increase happiness and improve wellbeing”. Try it for a few minutes each day during the holidays and see if you notice a difference to how you feel. 

Get the basics right 

Eating well, catching up on sleep and staying hydrated are things that can often get overlooked during term-time. Get the basics right and cook up some healthy meals, try to drink two litres of water each day and get a few early nights to help make you feel good inside and out. 

Be active 

As the weather is fine and the days are long, now is the time to get out and make the most of it. Mental health charity Mind, are advocates of exercise as it helps to “reduce anxiety and stress and increase self-esteem.” Whether it’s running, cycling, swimming, walking, yoga or dancing, whatever type of exercise you enjoy, give yourself the benefit of those happy exercise endorphins. 

You can find more tips, techniques and resources on how to manage stress from The Stress Management Society.  

We wish all our supply staff and schools a very relaxing summer holiday. 

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