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World Mental Health Day
Ways you can support your staff's wellbeing

Supporting your staff's mental health and wellbeing is important for retaining and motivating teachers and support staff, and nurturing pupil wellbeing and success.  On this World Mental Health Day, we wanted to share some tips for supporting your staff's mental health and wellbeing. 

Create a healthy work environment

Your staff's working environment has a significant impact on their mental wellbeing, productivity, and job satisfaction. You can nurture a healthy workplace environment by keeping an open-door policy, keeping your staff informed of any school development and changes, and policies. This can help with building trust and promote employee engagement.


It can help to talk about how they feel with people they trust. You can also encourage staff to buddy up with colleagues to support each other and work together on finding solutions to common workplace stresses.

Promote wellbeing

Consider offering workshops so staff can learn more about mental health, and ways of coping. Spending time meditating and other gentle exercises can all contribute to positive wellbeing, so think about providing staff mindfulness, relaxation, and managing stress sessions.

Resources that can help

Still Human – Our sister company, Still Human delivers workshops to staff in education on a range of health and wellbeing topics, sharing evidence-based knowledge and practical strategies that make being a human a little easier.  To find out more about a range of workshops on topics such as mindfulness, menopause, and other courses, visit

Charities and other specialist organisations

There are lots of charities and organisations that are here to help you with advice, resources, and support: 

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