Smarties in London: Induction Day

Smarties in London: Induction Day

Moving to a new country can be daunting and then add starting a new job in that country where you most likely don’t know anyone.

At Smart Teachers, we recently prepared our newly arrived teachers with our comprehensive induction day.

The day included various sessions to help the fresh Aussies in different areas:

London life hacks

We worked through our Moving to London checklist to see what else still needed to be ticked off. Things like registering with a local doctor and getting your National Insurance Number might not seem like priority items when you’ve just arrived but they’re important to take care of.

Our teachers had a go at our terminology quiz to decipher the English lingo. If you went to the grocery store and bought courgettes, aubergine and peppers, what did you buy?

We also provided advice on getting around London, supply teaching tips and travel tips like which airports and airlines to avoid or make a beeline for.

“I valued each (session) and was never waiting for something to be over.” Claire

“For me the most valuable thing that I took away that day was that I felt more confident.” Alejandra

Overview of the National Curriculum

We didn’t expect the new arrivals to learn a whole new curriculum in one day but we gave it our best shot to fit in as much as possible!

“In the Overview of the National Curriculum, SEN and Ofsted it was good to notice the similarities and take notes about the differences within the Australia system.” Alejandra.

Behaviour Management

No matter what country you’re from or what country you’re teaching in, behaviour management is always going to be a big part of the job so we held a collaborative session to share some tips and ideas about positive behaviour management and conflict resolution.

“I thought that the behaviour management part of the day was very valuable as I've never really had a discussion about strategies before or given a list of things that could be useful. Most of the time in the past I've just had to learn it from experience!” Josh

The new arrivals were tasked with working collaboratively to develop a new behaviour management tool.

“I thought (it) was going to be hard and maybe not worthwhile but together we turned out to make kind of a cool idea!” Claire

Josh describes their new tool: “In terms of the behaviour management tool we designed, the way it works is that a teacher begins to draw a picture and each time the students are quiet and sensible throughout the day the teacher adds a bit more to the drawing (removing a line if they are not quiet and sensible). Happy to say that I have used this tool successfully with a year 1 class!”

At the end of a very informative day we all went up the road to the local Be At One for two for one cocktails which was a great opportunity to get to know some new friends and sing along to fun tunes.

We’re looking forward to hosting another induction day for new arrivals in January. If you’d like to know more get in touch with Bianca: