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Are you ready to become a Senior School Leader?

Moving from Middle Management to Senior Leadership is the first big step up in a teacher’s career. The requirements are far greater than what’s required in a middle management position. Company director Tyson Wood has spoken with five Australian school Principals and their tips will help you to see if you’re ready to take that next step.

The article focuses on the key point of:

  • Understanding the different responsibilities that are required in senior leadership
  • Finding mentors to build your knowledge
  • Maintaining your integrity and educational values
  • Being yourself and staying positive

The journey up the career ladder is daunting, challenging and will push you to learn and adapt quickly. Though this is true in any profession, for teachers it can be an even more tumultuous ride. See if you’re ready to leave the classroom behind and read the full article here:

The Smart Step Up – by Tyson Wood