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Guest Post- Finding a home in London

Arrive Homes

Our partners at Arrive Homes have written about their free service, connecting overseas teachers with rental properties in London.  If you want to take the stress out of your migration journey, get in touch with them today for more information.

London is a large and sometimes daunting place. It is also one of the best cities in the world and in making this step, I am envious of the wonderful journey you are going to embark on.

We enjoy being part of this journey for you, particularly at the start where you make the step to move to London.  We aim to make the process of moving to London much easier. There are many people that offer accommodation in London, lots doing it now, lots more than when we started in helping teachers move to London in 2009.

Yet we are still in the game and we are still helping teachers. In fact, we reckon well over a 1000 in just over 10 years! What sets us apart though, is that we do the work for you. While Spareroom and other sites are useful websites for finding a place to live (there are a plethora of rooms available) ultimately, you still have to do the booking and viewing yourself. ‘Where do I start?’ comes to mind. Worse still,  sometimes the rooms do not look like how they are described.  They might be further from the ‘tube’ than described and the landlord may even ask for money up front or fees on arrival.

At Arrive Homes, Lorraine and our lovely team will find out where you want to live (ideally close to your place of work) and answer as many questions as you like. We will look to match your requirements to our availability, while keeping our prices as low as possible. We will also look to place you into a new or existing shared house with other teachers and professionals. We are best suited to individuals looking for rooms in shared houses.  This concept really works. We have had tenants get married (rare!) but what is more common is many have made friends for life. We love this.

Myself and fellow business owner, Aaron are teachers and have lived and worked in London. We understand the needs of teachers, particularly Aaron who made the move from Canada to live and teach in London.  He did not have an Arrive Homes equivalent, so we decided to set something up.

If you are still reading, then great! There are a couple of options you may wish to take in signing up with Arrive Homes. You can pre-book before arriving – this is fairly unique and saves the need to trawl through Airbnb et al, again saving you and your agency lots of time. If on arrival the property is not for you, we can look to accommodate you elsewhere. This way you find somewhere before you arrive – total peace of mind for many. You can view our available properties soon after touching down in the ‘big smoke’ and there is NO obligation to sign up for any. Pretty risk free, right?

We would love to hear from you.  If you would like further information please email (Lorraine): Follow Arrive Homes on Facebook –  and Instagram: @arrivehomes

If you would like some information on teaching in London, you can email our international team.  Our team are all ex-teachers who have worked in the UK.