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Guest Post - Reducing repetitive administrative tasks to retain teaching staff

Lachlan James - CareMonkey

Our partners at CareMonkey share their insights on the building pressure on teacher’s workload caused by increasing administrative duties, and reducing the workload by automating the request, capture and communication of student information. Find out how Caremonkey can lessen the pressure on a teacher’s administrative workload and free up time to focus on being the best educator possible.

Australia faces education crisis as hordes of Australian teachers leave the profession due to unbearable workload.

The increasingly demanding pressure on a teacher’s workload is an undeniable issue. The stresses as an NQT and experienced teacher in providing the necessary emotional support to students while running a tightly organised and positive classroom are not properly supported with adequate administrative operations.

Due to growing responsibilities and unexpected tasking, teachers in Australia work some of the longest hours compared to other occupations and fellow teachers from other OECD nations. Further, studies suggest the additional hours aren’t contributing to better learning outcomes.

These working conditions are a leading causing to professional and emotional burnout among teachers. Complaints of repetitive administrative duties taking away from the focus of educating and influencing students are contributing to a large percentage of disenfranchised teachers. 

With administration as a necessary component of the role, is there a reasonable solution to this troubling situation?

Like in many industries, online administrative and workflow platforms may be the key in streamlining processes; taking some of the burden of paperwork off the back of teachers and giving back more time for work/life balance. 

Melbourne-based tech company CareMonkey designed an online platform to help do exactly that. To leave the reliance on paperwork and repetitive tasking behind, CareMonkey is supporting the education sector move administrative and duty-of-care processes to a centralised platform.

The service works by automating the request, capture, and communication of student information and permissions, and staff forms in streamlined workflows, minimising the need for repetitive administrative tasks. 

The service provides parents and school staff with digital forms they can update and share instantly online, removing the need for middle-man communications, paper forms, and time consuming printing and scanning tasks. 

Information from parents and staff is accessible via a browser in the classroom, on excursions or away at camps anywhere in the world. Access is even available via a smartphone app with no internet connection.

With online schools forms and approval workflows, digital field trip management and incident reporting, centralised student medical records and action plans, CareMonkey empower teachers and schools to reduce the admin burden and need for paperwork, to better manage student duty-of-care.

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