Smart Teachers at AAMT 2019

Math teachers ‘AAMT’ for inspiration in Brisbane

“How can I make mathematics more engaging for my students?”

This is a difficult, and often challenging, question for many mathematics teachers.

Whether it’s primary or secondary, educators are seemingly always seeking out new ideas, devising new strategies, investigating new resources and exploring new concepts to better engage their students in mathematics.

It’s the search for new ideas and new sources of inspiration that shaped discussions at this year’s Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Conference in Brisbane. Themed ‘Why Maths? Inspiration beyond the classroom’, the conference saw 500+ educators from all sectors of Australian educator gather to discuss, share and explore key topics in contemporary mathematics education.

Extending beyond the conventional, the conference provided delegates with an opportunity to learn more about the uses of mathematics in technology, coding, STEM, problem-solving, critical thinking, data, modelling and other applications – providing avenues to help teachers recontextualise mathematical concepts for greater relevance and engagement in the classroom.

Supporting the conference as a sponsor, our Smart Teachers team had an opportunity to chat with Alyssa Maier, who had made the trip north from Radford College in the ACT. Even with 14 years of experience in the classroom, Alyssa was excited about the prospect of in-depth discussion, and take what she was learning back into the classroom where she does what she loves: Working with students as they, themselves, discover and encounter new ideas.

Speaking with the Smart Teachers team after being drawn as the winner of our conference raffle prize, Alyssa was quick to encourage other teachers to take opportunities to look outside of the classroom for inspiration, highlighting the value of attending the AAMT conference:

[It’s important to] engage with… the wider community. [I’ve benefitted] from discussing ideas with colleagues from around the country”

The spirit of sharing was definitely on display between the delegates at AAMT, and while engaging and motivating students in mathematics may still represent a challenge for many educators, opportunities to learn and draw from sources outside of the school environment, and to share insights across different educational communities are a great step in the right direction – and one Smart Teachers is proud to support.

If, like Alyssa, you are an experienced teacher with a passion for new ideas to inspire students, Smart Teachers has exciting roles for educators like you.

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