Steffi Hutchinson Supply Teacher

OK Google, find me the best supply teaching jobs in London

Supply teachers (AKA Casual Relief Teachers) are the backbone of the school education system. There are many myths around supply teaching and during a teacher recruitment crisis in the UK, we should celebrate our supply teachers and highlight why supply could be the way forward for many teachers yearning for flexibility from their teaching career. 
Supply teaching is a great option if you’re looking to achieve optimal work-life balance. Supply or ‘casual teaching’ as it’s sometimes known across the globe, is a flexible option for many fully qualified primary and secondary teachers, NQTs and overseas trained teachers. 

Supply may fit your profile if you;
Are an overseas trained teacher looking to discover different school settings
Are a qualified teacher looking for less commitment in order to travel and spend time on other interests outside of teaching
Have young children and need to arrange childcare to fit in with teaching 
Are a newly qualified teacher but wish to gain experience in a range of school settings 
Have a second part-time profession
Have worked in a permanent school for a long time and wish to explore different school settings 
Are retired / soon-to-retire and wish to reduce hours and workload 

Steffi Hutchinson [pictured above at Colombia Road Flower Market] is a secondary trained teacher from Australia. Find out why she picked Smart Teachers to find teaching work in the UK. 

“Before registering for supply work I was a teacher in Australia and moved overseas. I chose Smart Teachers for their positive energy and general feel for the company (and knowing that they paid PAYE). I was only in London for two weeks and Smart had already found me consistent work at lovely schools. They organised my bank account appointment, DBS, documents and took the stress out of having to set everything up myself.”

“Smart is less salesy than other agencies and more friendly. A highlight for me has been the great schools and consistent work through the GPS (guaranteed payment scheme). I have heard bad stories about teaching in London and I have only had wonderful schools. I have been given work in both independent and comprehensive schools. All lovely schools. Supply teaching has given me the freedom and time to explore at the weekends and do the activities I love. Since registering with Smart, I have attended their free CPD workshops - behaviour management and phonics, which were both great. We worked in a small group so we could talk openly and in depth about scenarios. My consultant Jessie has been wonderful, supportive, honest and friendly.”
We asked Steffi what advice she would give to other teachers/TAs looking to join an agency; “GO WITH SMART TEACHERS!! I have heard bad stories about agencies from other teacher friends and I have only had a great time with smart.”

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