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Lights, camera, action! Hiiii-lights from the Australian Migration Webinar

Monet Hawkins

On the first Tuesday of every month, London gets decidedly dinkum. On the outside, The Down Under Centre looks like any ordinary building in West London. Located directly adjacent to Ealing Broadway, it’s easy to miss this secret slice of Australian pie (pavlova?).

The Down Under Centre, the brainchild of Wes Zandt (Company Director), is home to the ‘Move to Australia’ webinars; a completely free, interactive information session streaming online from 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of every month. (They also run a bunch of events for those wishing to migrate to New Zealand, too. Check their upcoming events and webinars here.)

From the moment our mate Wes Zandt hits the ‘live’ button, The Down Under Centre’s collection of migration partners buzz with excitement. A pension expert is ready to chat about moving your UK pension to an Aussie ‘super’, a visa migration agent is keen to answer questions on visas, and a representative from an Australian nursing agency prepares to talk about jobs in healthcare. We are all here to talk about what we love and we love to talk about Australia.

Smart Teachers is fortunate to partner with Wes Zandt and the Down Under Centre. What better way to get all the information you need about migrating than to stream it live through your laptop or phone from the comfort of your living room? They also provide Australia Skills Assessments and Trade Skills Assessments too. At the webinars, we’re all here to offer advice and through our live chat, answer your questions in real time and provide a platform for discussion for audience members to interact with each other.

For us at Smart Teachers, it’s an opportunity to reach out to teachers who want a challenge - who dream of beautiful beaches, stunning mountain ranges and a lifestyle change. During the webinars, our topics for discussion vary but we tend to focus on our most commonly asked questions; What do I need to teach in Australia? Where do I start? When do I start? Wes Zandt and the Down Under Centre have been a godsend for those seeking answers to said questions.

On those Tuesday nights when I arrive at the Down Under Centre, I leave the sounds of a screeching Circle line train behind and replace it with the drone of a didgeridoo. I am reminded that every teacher I speak to is keen to go on a journey and as a former expat myself, I love that I can become a part of that.

It's always a joy to walkabout in the Down Under Centre. It’s a Smart Teachers partnership with a 360-service, answering all your migration questions in a fun, lively (and sometimes musical!) hour. Catch the best bits (my bits!) from March's webinar here:

Australian Migration webinars are run on the first Tuesday of every month. Check out our upcoming events to sign up for the next one.