Smart Teachers Party February 2019

A Party for our Smarties

Smart Teachers, London

If you rocked up to the bi-annual Smart Party, firstly, thank you for joining us, and secondly, can you tell your teaching mates that they missed out on winning a return flight to New York AND a first class global rail travel pass with Eurail (for two!).

There could only be two winners. Receiver of the Eurail tickets was a newly registered teaching assistant (she literally registered the day of the party). The New York Flights are in the hands of a long-standing primary teacher from London. We think they both deserved to win and we can't wait to hear about their trips.

There were no losers at the Smart Party, and everyone had the chance to mix and mingle with like-minded teachers and teaching assistants. Food and drink was on us, and our very own consultant Darrel dazzled through the night on the mic, hosting the games and creating an enviable ambience that knocks the socks off other agencies!

To our fellow Smarties, if you want more free-flowing food, drink and banter, plus the chance to win some amazing first class prizes, make sure you join us at the next Smart Party.

Not registered? You know what to do.