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British Heart Foundation - Tower of London Run 2018

Picture this. It’s 6.45pm on a Friday evening and the Smart Teachers’ office has closed for the weekend. A rogue pair of neon coloured cross-country trainers abandoned under a desk…most of us have been sat on a swivel chair since the crack of dawn, with very little swivelling and plenty of stationary sitting. A whole 12 hours of slouching, typing, screen-gazing, Percy-Pig-snacking, coffee drinking, legs crossing, legs uncrossing. It’s a sad sight for anyone who’s interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Being tucked away in an office in the heart of London all week doesn’t donate a physically active lifestyle, which is why at Smart Teachers we are jumping up from our office chairs and getting fit for the Tower of London Run in support of the British Heart Foundation.

Smart Teachers is taking a vow to lead a healthier lifestyle at work (and home) to make our hearts stronger, ultimately raising money to support the British Heart Foundation, a charity funding extra research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart and circulatory disease.

We pledge to:

Move more

Eat better

Drink less

Quit smoking

Support Smart Teachers on Wednesday 2nd May at this truly unique charity event which will be even more special in 2018, as BHF celebrate 40 years of the Tower of London Run.

Support Smart Teachers by donating to our JustGiving Page, to walk, jog or run laps around the Tower's famous moat.

Things you need to know about heart disease

  • Heart and circulatory disease causes more than a quarter (26 per cent) of all deaths in the UK; that’s nearly 160,000 deaths each year – an average of 435 people each day or one death every three minutes.
  • There are around 7 million people living with heart and circulatory disease in the UK: 3.5 million men and 3.5 million women.
  • Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the most common type of cardiovascular disease.
  • Coronary heart disease is the most common cause of heart attack. In the UK there are 188,000 hospital visits each year due to heart attacks: that's one every three minutes.
  • An estimated 915,000 people alive in the UK today (640,000 men and 275,000 women) have survived a heart attack.
  • Over half a million people in the UK are living with heart failure.
  • There are more than 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the UK each year. The overall survival rate in the UK is less than 1 in 10

Look after your heart and reap the benefits

There are a million reasons why our hearts should be our number one priority in life. Living longer to spend time with loved ones is top of our list.

Smarts’ pledge to move more, eat better, drink less and quit smoking will help a multitude of things. We asked the Smart team "what does a healthier version of you look like?" Here’s what they had to say;

“Walking up to the fourth floor without gasping for breath”

“Having that sparkle back in my eyes”

“Jumping out of bed each morning instead of hitting the snooze button ‘til I miss my train”

“Drinking smoothies and snacking on seeds instead of coffee and chocolate”

“Hitting the gym after the office rather than the pub”

Tell us, what does a healthy heart mean for you?

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