Smarties in London

Smarties in London- Contiki Basement meet and greet

Smarties in London

Antipodeans in London are known to stretch their legs and make their mark as globe trekkers, collecting memories, passports stamps, and anecdotes for life. 

When you ask any Aussie or Kiwi in London what motivated their move to the Big Smoke, many will put travel as their number reason- because when you live in London, you have Europe at your doorstep!

So when our friends at Contiki offered their event space for our overseas teachers meet-and-greet event, it made perfect sense for us to head to their Contiki Basement for drinks, pizzas, and exchanges of our favourite travel stories!

Contiki make travel easier and more social by organising group trips.  It's all covered- accommodation, food, experiences and transport, so you can relax and focus on exploring the world.  

Teaching in London is a wonderful highlight on your CV and a great way to grow professionally.  Ticking countries off your bucket list, experiencing new cultures, throwing yourself in the deep end- well, what a way to grow personally.  

We wager some of our newly arrived overseas teachers won't recognise themselves at the end of their London stint!  We had a ball meeting our newly arrived overseas teachers and cannot wait for our next Smarties in London event to meet more.

If you're interested in moving to London, and have no idea when to start, you can email our international team.  Our team are all ex-teachers who have worked in the UK.  

Our international team aim to support those thinking of heading abroad to teach in London- it's a big move, but it doesn't have to be.  Please contact us with your CV to get the ball rolling!