Smarties in London- Park Life

Smarties in London

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer…

Our Smarties in London gathered in Clapham Common to salute the sun on Saturday.  Our event was a great way to meet and greet our newly arrived Aussie and Kiwi teachers.  We basked in the sun's glory, swapping stories of our journeys across the equator, and raised a glass to new beginnings in a new city. 

What is great about London is the second the sun peeks its warm rays through the trees, the people of London come out to play.  And why would you stay inside when you have 3000 parks at your disposal? (yes, London is made of 40 percent public green space!)

Some parks in London get a bit more attention than others.  There are 8 royal parks in London and Greater London, parks in which the Royal Family used to own and use for hunting.  Some of of our favourites? Richmond park is great for spotting deer, and Kensington Park features a Princess Diana monument and the very large Albert Memorial.  Fantastic music festivals take place in Hyde park like British Summertime, and the very first Parkrun event took place in Bushy Park.

Clapham Common is smack bang in the middle of Clapham, a suburb famous for a strong antipodean community.  You can buy cherry ripes at Brickwood, the Aussie cafe across the road, and you can try to celeb spot Margot Robbie who lives nearby.  

London is a wonderful city for overseas teacher to come and live and work.  We had a ball meeting our newly arrived overseas teachers and cannot wait for our next Smarties in London event to meet more! Come over with Smart Teachers. Let us find you the job while you find a park to rest in

If you’re an overseas teacher thinking of teaching in the UK, we would love to hear from you.  Our international team aim to support those thinking of heading abroad to teach in London- it's a big move, but it doesn't have to be.  Please contact us with your CV today.