Teacher Progession

Teacher progression: the link between recognition and retention

Smart Teachers and Tes have teamed up to investigate the teacher shortage – and what schools across the country can do to support their teachers.

The education landscape in Australia is rapidly changing and significant number of teachers are leaving the profession each year.

Teacher shortages are already evident in remote and regional areas and these are likely to increase with the number of students predicted to rise by 26% by 2022.

Data trends are showing that teachers who are feeling unsupported or unacknowledged in their work are more likely to leave their current school or leave the profession altogether.

Our research has helped us gain a deeper insight into these issues and uncovered useful strategies that can assist Principals and school leaders.

Facilitating challenging and diverse opportunities for Teachers could prove useful in keeping teachers engaged with their current school and happy with their choice in career.

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You can read our full investigation here -

Teacher progression: the link between recognition and retention