Teaching in Australia

Understanding the Australian Academic Year

Smart Teachers

As you may or may not have realised, the Australian academic year runs a little differently compared to the academic year in the United Kingdom. So here is the low down on what to expect in terms of a school year in Australia.

  • Term 1 starts around the end of January / beginning of February and runs through till Mid – April (about Easter time)
  • Term 2 runs from April through end of June / early July
  • Term 3 starts in July and goes until late September
  • Term 4 starts end of September/ October and goes until the end of December

The dates of each term change slightly from state to state and also from each year. To get specific dates for each state you should look at the Australian Government website.

Just like the UK, there is a 2 week break at the end of each term. However, unlike the UK, Australia does not have a half term break. This means that each term can be around 10 – 12 weeks long. It sounds pretty daunting, but the students are very used to it and there is always enough going on (such as various sports carnivals and school events) to keep you going through to the end. You’ll still probably find yourself saying ‘but I need more time!!’

There are of course a variety of bank holidays (called public holidays in Australia) that are scattered throughout the year for very much appreciated extra day off. Again, the dates for these vary from state to state. For example, Melbourne has a public holiday every year for the Australian Football Grand Final to celebrate our love for sport and a day off work.  

I myself am an ex teacher from Australia who has also spent some time teaching in the UK. If you have any more questions about the academic year or the differences in teaching between Australia and the UK then please feel free to email sarah.devereux@smartteachers.co.uk or call Smart Teachers on +44 20 7065 7500. We would love to help!