Anitra Hayday A Kiwi Teacher's Tale

An Unexpected Journey: a Kiwi teacher’s tale

Rosie Buchanan

International recruitment consultant, Rosie Buchanan, introduces us to newly qualified teacher Anitra. With a step by step guide on the registration process, Rosie tells us how she helped with Anitra’s career journey from New Zealand to East London. 

Anitra is a wonderful Drama and Dance teacher with a bubbly personality. As a recently qualified teacher from New Zealand, Anitra set out to gain her first teaching experience in UK schools with the hope of finding a long-term position in London, with a little helping hand from Smart Teachers!

Step 1: Set up meeting with International Resourcing Team

First step was to invite Anitra to meet with me to start the registration process. A big part of my job is to get to know our teachers well. It was too easy to form a bond with Anitra – her charm and warmth is captivating! Anitra shared with me her thoughts and plans for the UK and I was able to chat through any fears she had. I love having the chance to share my experience on the types of schools, areas, lifestyle, travel, and general expectations for teaching in the UK.

Step 2: Complete CV, registration forms, visa application and vetting checks

It’s really important to produce a concise CV for schools, so we spent some time making a few changes. Together, we created a powerful resume to make heads turn!

Many of our applicants admit their fear of filling in the forms, but I always make sure it’s as straight forward as it needs to be. Forms completed and police checks submitted, we calculated the timing of her visa application and covered any further questions she had.

Step 3: Set up video interview

In addition to an outstanding CV and personal statement, video interviewing is a great tool we use to promote our overseas teachers to schools. During our meeting, we recorded a three minute interview on Anitra’s phone. A short video gives schools an insight into the candidate’s teaching style in addition to gaining a glimpse of their personality.

Step 4: Introduce teacher to London team

After our initial meeting, we received Anitra’s references within just a few weeks and it was time to introduce her to the London team via Skype. Anitra was assigned to one of our senior consultants, Lisa Ducas, who went through in detail how she would secure her work on arrival.

Step 5: Fly to London!

Once the official procedures and introductions were complete, Anitra was packing her bags, enjoying her farewell parties, and planning her first trips through Europe.

Registration can be pretty straight forward for our Kiwi teachers and the whole process can take just a few weeks. Many of Anitra’s fears were unfounded and we can safely say she has no regrets for choosing London to begin her teaching career.

Wondering how's she's getting on now? Check out the video blog!