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What its Like to Teach at Dulwich College International

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Jon Pavey is a Year Group Leader, Year 1, at Dulwich College International (Singapore). Read on for his experience working in this extraordinary school, and learn how working for Dulwich College International propelled his career.

Jon's Story

I am now in my sixth year working for Dulwich College International  and cannot see myself leaving the group in the near future. Having taught in London and another international school within Singapore, the level of support, forward-thinking and professional development has been extremely positive. I am currently the Year Group Leader within a ten-form entry cohort that works towards IGCE and IB and also has a Dual Language program (Mandarin). The school have sent me to sister schools in Beijing and Seoul to liaise with staff and build networks and in the near future I will be visiting Shanghai. I have also attended other DCI courses in Singapore and attended workshops at some of the other established international schools on the island.

Why I chose Dulwich College International

When I moved across to DCI, there were a few offers on the table, however the challenge of working in a brand-new school and the reputation of Dulwich College made it very hard to have my head turned elsewhere. The school often has visits from the college in London and prides itself on the relationship it has with London and other colleges across Asia. My work-life balance gives me the opportunity to enjoy my evenings and weekends at my own leisure. Although it is fast-paced and expectations are high in the school, management are mindful of this and support their staff accordingly. It is a pleasure to work in a school where the facilities are first class and the students all have such a wonderful attitude towards their learning. I have also never been greeted so politely in my life, and this happens every day!

Life as an Expat

Singapore is a fantastic melting pot of cultures, religions, urban-life and nature. If you are single, a couple or a family, there is something for everyone. The nightlife can get lively and busy, while there are also quiet spots that are more relaxing. Children have plenty of activities to keep them busy and everywhere is so accessible. The efficiency of the island is incredible and is always noticeable after a short trip away- something that is also done with ease, as the location of Singapore allows mini-breaks across Asia do-able over a weekend or public holiday. There is a big expat community in Singapore and there will never be the issue of finding like-minded people or clubs of interest. The local food is famed for its pricing and quality, where the emphasis on social meals together at a coffee shop or hawker centre is clear wherever you happen to be on the small island.

Although it is immensely populated given the size of the island, you never have to go far to find somewhere quiet and the public transport is second-to-none. The government put lots of effort and resources into maintaining the high standard of living, which is evident through the cleanliness of the city and the designated green areas around Singapore, some of which are world renowned.

Apply for a teaching role at Dulwich College International If you want to further your career, experience new places and enjoy working in a well-run, progressive environment, then I would highly recommend Dulwich College International.

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